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Sad news

PostPosted: 22.10.2008, 02:24
by VGR_Lekk
Hello all,
it is my sad duty to annonce that our best pilot on virtual sky CSL_Kocour had deadly accident on friday 17. october 2008 and he is gone.

We have no more informations about his paraschute glider crash because he felt alone without witheness. How long time he was on ground is also unclear, just we know that he was alive till emergency comes in. During the transport to the hospital he die.

Please keep him in your minds forever everybody who knows him. Some photos here:


PostPosted: 22.10.2008, 12:07
by Storm
What a tragedy.... I can not beleive it... Great pilot, good friend, honorable opponent. While in China I remember we spent a lot of great time with a beer and talking about flying. In company he was always like a soul of it, very kind and generous. I can clearly remember him now, how we talked, exchanged gifts... I can remember his flying style, very strong character...

R.I.P old friend...

PostPosted: 22.10.2008, 12:26
by VikS
He was a great guy and our good friend...



PostPosted: 22.10.2008, 13:10
by Youss
wery sad news... :(

P.S. да будет земля ему пухом, пока душа парит на небесах...

P.S. Let there will be an earth to soft as a feather-bed, while the soul flies in heavens...

PostPosted: 22.10.2008, 13:11
by kurk
............... :cry:


PostPosted: 22.10.2008, 14:09
by MG_Dimas
Кокур был искусным вирпилом, заядлым спортсменом и планеристом, яркой личностью. Запомнилось, как в Китае бегали с ним на вершину пагоды. Очень жаль, что он погиб.

Kocour was a skilful virtual pilot, inveterate sportsman and glider pilot, outstanding personality. It was remembered, as in China we ran with him to the top of a pagoda. It is very a pity that he was lost.

PostPosted: 22.10.2008, 15:23
by Vaal

PostPosted: 22.10.2008, 21:34
by Konsty

PostPosted: 22.10.2008, 21:57
by Chapay

PostPosted: 22.10.2008, 22:29
by Youss

PostPosted: 24.10.2008, 00:13
by Kyzmich
Просто не верится.Очень жаль.
Simply is not believed.Much sting.

Re: Sad news

PostPosted: 28.11.2008, 01:02
by Chapay
А вот и могилы,
На свежих крестах
Сегодня живые.
Пыль завтра в веках.
Оставят потомкам.
Свои города, заботы,
проблемы и радость труда.

Ты путь выбираешь,
Средь сотни дорог.
Сто первый есть то же,
Столь милостив Бог!